Monday, November 28, 2011

pencil shading - developed face

some time ago, when I made the"Portrait of a Man" drawing I had another idea (which I've only just now got around too) to draw a developed elevation of a face, like I often do when I produce construction drawings for curvy and folded things. So I measured my face with a flexible tape measure, plotted out the points on a piece of paper and shaded it with pencil.  I wanted to leave in all the construction lines and sketched edges, it is a working drawing after all.

Somehow I thought it'd look freakier! Truth is, not counting the extra skin needed to get over the bump of your nose, the front little "face" bit is pretty flat.

Screen printing on Tee Shirts

I bought a couple of plain shirts to try one of last weeks silk screens on. They do have a multi-screen shirt printing rig at the BIA but I don't think it gets used very often. I didn't bother trying for my one screen. And while they have a cupboard full of fabric paint specifically for screen printing, most of the tubs are empty, mouldy or just gone rock hard. The only two viable colours I could find were violet and fluorescent orange. Everything 80's is cool again. I reckon I can rock fluoro!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pen and Ink - Water Tower Drawing

I didn't have the energy for another print run and it seemed like a while since I'd busted out the dip pens.  I decided to made a drawing of the water tower and that big white tank was calling out for something. 

Back in the early nineties, Heck Tate and I lived in a share house at Red Hill. One night, Heck painted a slogan in the front window, "Jesus Saves, Satan spends a LOT!" With the lights on, it glowed like a neon sign. Brilliant. I can't remember how long it was up, not long, the real estate agent promptly knocked on the door, demanding the sign be removed instantly. She stood and watched while Heck scraped it off.

I have named this drawing "Jesus Saves" and the painted slogan on the north east face of the tower stares straight back over the gully towards Red Hill. Take that Ray White!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lino Cut - Paddington Water Tower

The latest Lino Cut has prvoved to be something of a trial and I'm having real trouble getting a set of consistent prints that I like. The first test prints with the yellow tower seemed to work quite well, offering much promise but these were made on regular photocopy paper, say no more. The second prints were on 'Canson Editions' printing paper which is pretty weighty but the registration was dreadful and there's too little variation between the purple of the shadows and the tank.

I tried to strike a larger batch but abandoned it with only half the plates printed. The registrations were worse and the colours sucked. Feeling disillusioned, I knew I had to try something different so I bought some Japanese Kozo printing paper which is very light weight, like tissue and finally managed five consistent and satisfactorily registered prints. Except the orange is just too much!

Screen Printing - Heck's Head and Melbourne

At the start of the semester I was really looking forward to screen printing but I've been so turned on by relief printing, when it came up, I hadn't prepared anything. So instead I selected a couple of earlier drawings to make screens out of. I scanned them and tweaked the contrast and brightness to get rid of the mid tones and printed them onto transparencies.

The class notes suggested doubling up the transparencies to get a really solid black which I did for the picture of Heck, but they slipped when we were setting up the screen over the UV light box so it ended up  a blurred kind of double vision thing. The Melbourne print, with only one transparency turned out fine. Next week I'm going to put it on a tee shirt.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Lino Test Print

I struck a couple of  test prints from lino cuts I've been working on for the last few nights and they're looking pretty good. The colours wrong and I'm cutting a new plate for the the foreground but I think this one will be great.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Copper Plate Etching - Smoking Man

Last night I struck a few prints from my first ever copper plate etching. I'd made a similar drawing several weeks ago but wasn't happy with it so instead I made a drawing of a cigarette in an ash tray. Stuck for ideas, I flipped through my sketchbooks only to end up back at this one and decided to persevere with it.

As the initiated will know, there are methods for correcting and editing errors made when drawing into the hard-ground on a copper plate but regardless, a deft and fluid hand was the principal requirement for the kind of drawing I was trying to make...... and I just didn't nail it. I'll make another etching, when the right idea for a drawing to comes to me.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lino Cut - Industrial Bin

In a further attempt to distract myself from the current painting project, I launched into another multi-plate lino cut. References from several different sources were cobbled together to form this one single image printed with five different plates. A couple of the colour plates were quite small and very fiddly but despite some awkward moments a number of prints worked out great.