Sunday, March 13, 2011

Prep for a self portrait

In coming weeks we will be painting a self portrait. In preparation for this, we were asked to make four quick sketches of familiar objects from home that have some personal significance and bring them along to class. Not being a collector of Knick Knacks I struggled to find subjects for my sketches.

The Paintings

For each painting (an A3 sheet of paper cut into quarters) we were asked to try a new way of working. Firstly we slopped great blobs of Gesso onto paper in the rough shapes of a sketch. I remember Impasto from High School and this was similar in effect. Then we cut a stencil for the next picture and painted over it to leave a silhouette. Some more Gesso for the third one and finally Nameer walked around the class, making individual suggestions to each of us for our final painting.

The Sketches

It feels as though Nameer is trying to teach us everything we need to know about making a painting except how to actually paint it. I'm yet to see him with a paint brush in his hand and I'm wondering if he'll pick one up at all this semester. But perhaps this is exactly what he hopes to avoid, studious pupils making exact copies of Nameer Davis paintings. Though I can't ignore a growing sense for frustration at this. I think I need to go somewhere to watch painters paint.

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