Friday, December 31, 2010

Country Victoria

We stayed in a little federation house named "First Chance" in east ballarat for a few days at Christmas. It was comfortable and fitting for a gold rush town.

From there we headed south to Nonna and Popppa's place at Mount Martha. Full 180 degree views including port phillip bay. My sketch is of a hillside, maybe less than one degree of the view, but the tree line looked ineresting.

Melbourne Sketches

Just back from VIC. Managed to find a little time with my sketchbook. Early hours before the kids get up with a pencil and late nights after they've gone to bed with the pen.

The view from the apartment was pretty fabulous. I think I spent a couple of ours on this with the pencil. Like 5 till 7am. Where does the time go?

Eureka Tower fairly dominates from the south, book ended buy Melbourne central to the north.

Friday, December 17, 2010

More Portraits

I gave my earlier portraits of Maddy and Oliver to their Grandmother and I think she really appreciated them. The joy of giving. So I decided to do them again, but in pen and ink. I recently bought a book about famous 20th century illustrator Franklin Booth and what he could achieve with a few scant lines and varied weight is truly amazing. I still have a long, long way to go.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

BIA end of semsester exhibition

The end of semester exhibition at BIA opened last Friday night. The kids were good, we bought a painting by Kaye Stuart (which has gone missing but we hope to get soon) and I sold a couple of drawings. Great night all round I'd say.

And a big thank you to the purchasor or purchasors. That's my first sale!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

New Axe

I bought an axe a little while ago. I thought it would make a good drawing.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Quick Sketch

It was suggested that I work on making drawings more quickly, so while the kids watched sesame street, I drew the house over the road.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Observational Drawing

Last week in the classroom. Nothing more to do on my exhibition piece so I sketched some of my classmates. What a studious bunch.

Chinese Elm

The last two weeks of the semester were devoted to a project of ones own choosing. I did a big sketch of the Chinese Elm in my front yard, transfered it to pastel paper, then rendered it in pen and ink. It took a while.

Coloured Ground

Lily's for my wife.

I used black and white charcoal on grey paper for this portrait of Andrew, my Brother In-law. The exercise was about using the coloured ground for the mid tone but I got a bit carried with the white so now it's a kind of ghostly, not quite right, portrait of a vampire thing. Mia, my art teacher suggested I add a little flesh tone but I think I kind of like it "ghoulish".

I got a bit cavalier with is one. Unlike the other portraits, I didn't use a grid, or even reference lines for the centre of the head and eyes. And I think it shows. Though I'm not displeased, if I stare at it too long it starts looking really wonky.

Big Head

I'd enjoyed doing the earlier pencil portraits so much I decided to do one of my friend Richard from a photo another friend, David had taken last Christmas. This one is on A2 paper.

Life Drawing

Life drawing went for three weeks. The first week we worked from photo's and examples, just to get warmed up and to give Mia a chance to tell us how to go about things.

Then it's on to the real thing. I don't think anyone in the class had done life drawing before so it was a pretty novel experience for all of us.

Everyone enjoyed it so much, we agreed to kick in for a model for the following week.


The theme for this exercise was (obviuosly) drawing glass.


Not a hugely productive night, but it was the first time I've stood at an easel and drawn with charcoal.

Same Drawing, Different Tools

getting towards the middle of the semester, Mia brought in roses for us to draw and suggested we try rendering in different media. I stuck with the dip pen and watercolours. I tried to make the pen and ink drawing look olde with a brown wash. I'm thinking I could have just spilled some cold tea on it.

Pencil Shading

After contour drawings, we moved on to tone and pencil shading. The exercises included copying pictures and drawings of hands and eyes and noses etc. So using photo references, I decided to have a crack at portraits of the kids.

Getting Started

So I started a night class at the Brisbane Institute of Art . I've been doing Observational Drawing with Mia Clark and I've really been enjoying it. I thought I'd post some of my work from the class, starting a little after the biginning and working my way up to the end of the semester (which is now).
The first couple of weeks were exercises in drawing what you see rather that what you think you see. I think it was about week three when I made the contour drawing of my sneakers. Transfering the image and rendering it in different media came a few weeks after that.